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General Motors Files Safety Petition for Self-Driving Cars Without Steering Wheels, Pedals

12:38 PM, Jan 12, 2018 — General Motors (GM) has filed a safety petition with the US Department of Transportation for a self-driving car that eliminates the driver, steering wheel, pedals and manual controls, the automaker said on Friday.

The petition is asking the department for permission to “safely deploy” the self-driving Cruise AV, its fourth generation autonomous vehicle, in 2019, GM said on its website.

In the company’s 2018 self-driving safety report, GM said it’s envisioning a world with no car crashes, no emissions and no traffic congestion. “Safely developing and deploying electric self-driving vehicles at scale will dramatically change our world,” the Detroit-based maker of Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC cars and trucks.

Automakers and technology firms have been investing time and money into self-driving cars, with companies from Ford (F) to Toyota (TM) and Tesla (TSLA) working on autonomous vehicles. Car service companies have also been testing self-driving cars, with Uber putting them on the streets of Pittsburgh in recent years.

The Cruise AV “was built from the start to operate safely on its own, with no driver,” GM said. “It doesn’t drink and drive, doesn’t text and drive, doesn’t get upset, doesn’t get tired, never gets distracted and doesn’t produce any emissions.”

GM plans to deploy the cars in its own ride-share app within “known geo-fenced boundaries.” The cars will operate only on roads for which GM has developed high-definition map data, and will drive only “under known operational conditions and constraints that apply to the entire fleet.”

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