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Weekly Commodities ETF Report: Copper, Soybeans Among Hardest Hit by US-China Trade Conflict

(MT Newswires) – – Crude ended in negative territory for the week, as a planned increase in the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) output was followed by a surprise increase in US inventories and higher oil rig count. Last week, OPEC ministers had announced that they approved an increase in oil supplies, but US […]

Weekly Commodities ETF Report: Crude Jumps to Above $74/Barrel as Iran Faces Threats to Output, US Economic Sanctions

(MT Newswires) – -Crude ended in positive territory for the week, and ended the Friday session having reached above $74 for the first time since November 2014, after threats to output from Iran, the fifth-largest oil producer in the world, resurfaced. Media reports had also said that the US is aiming to carry out its […]

Weekly Commodities ETF Report: Oil Surges Higher as OPEC Implements Limited Increase in Oil Production; Trade War Fears Continue to Plague Copper, Soybeans

(MT Newswires) – – Crude rallied higher despite some weakness earlier early last week, as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries said it will try to increase global output by about 1% in coming months. The plan was adopted by OPEC’s 14 members, with Iran ending up agreeing to the plan hatched by its regional […]