United Parcel Service Expands Natural Gas Fleet With $130 Million Investment

12:12 PM, Jun 19, 2018 — United Parcel Service (UPS) will spend $130 million on natural gas-powered vehicles for its fleet and on building five new compressed natural gas, or CNG, fueling stations as it expands its investments into alternative fuel vehicles.

The spending will add more than 700 CNG vehicles including 400 semi-tractors and 330 terminal trucks, Atlanta-based UPS said in a statement on Tuesday. The delivery service company said that will build on investments of $90 million made last year and $100 million made in 2016 in CNG capacity.

“We strongly believe further investment in our natural gas fleet is a key element to help us achieve our long-term goals for reducing our CO2 emissions,” Carlton Rose, president of global fleet maintenance and engineering, said in a statement. “UPS is a catalyst for wide scale adoption of natural gas vehicles.”

UPS has invested more than $1 billion in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and fueling stations from 2008 through this year, and is the largest consumer of renewable natural gas in the transportation sector, the company said.

“RNG yields up to a 90% reduction in lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional diesel,” UPS said. “The initiative will help UPS reach its 2020 goal of one in four new vehicles purchased being an alternative fuel or advanced technology vehicle.”

The five new CNG stations will be in Arizona, Kansas, Indiana and two in Texas. The semi-tractors will be supplied by Daimler AG’s Freightliner and PACCAR’s (PCAR) Kenworth, while the terminal trucks will come from Savannah, Georgia-based TICO.

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