Google to Spend $3.3 Billion to Expand European Data Centers, CEO Says

11:07 AM, Sep 20, 2019 — Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google will spend 3 billion euros ($3.31 billion) to expand its data centers in Europe, the company’s chief executive said Friday.

Sundar Pichai said in a blog post that the expansion would bring its total investment in Europe’s internet infrastructure since 2007 to 15 billion euros.

Google will invest 600 million euros next year to expand its Hamina, Finland, location, bringing the company’s total investment there to 2 billion euros since 2009, Pichai said. He said new investment will support 4,300 in the country over the two years and beyond.

“Our Hamina data center is a significant driver of economic growth and opportunity,” Pichai said in the post, adding that Google supports more than 13,000 full-time jobs a year in the European Union. “It also serves as a model of sustainability and energy efficiency for all of our data centers.”

Google also has data centers in Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium.

Meanwhile, Pichai said Google has taken “another big step in our commitment to sustainability globally, by making the biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy in history.”

He said Google’s agreements will result in more than 1 billion euros in new energy infrastructure construction in the EU, including a new offshore wind project in Belgium, five solar projects in Denmark, and two wind projects in Sweden.

“In Finland, we are committing to new wind energy projects that will more than double our renewable energy capacity in the country, and ensure we continue to match almost all of the electricity consumption at our Finnish data center with local carbon-free sources, even as we grow operations,” Pichai said.

He said Nordic countries have shown “strong leadership” in retraining their labor forces for the new digital economy and that the company’s philanthropic arm will make a $2 million grant to the Nesta foundation, which focuses in innovation. The foundation will set up training partnerships with trade unions in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Spain.

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