ESG News and Risk Signals

MT Newswires Announces Launch of Global Corporate ESG News

BETHESDA, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– MT Newswires is expanding industry access to ESG data through its new Global Corporate ESG News & Risk Signals service. The first of its kind service will pair timely global equities news with ESG commentary and ratings, which can help to raise awareness among market participants of company-level material ESG risks. Sustainalytics, a Morningstar Company and a globally recognized provider of ESG research, ratings and data, is providing its industry-leading ESG Risk Ratings to enrich MT Newswires news stories.

“We are excited to provide the financial services community with industry-leading ESG news on global public companies”

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Over the past several years, there has been a growing global focus on corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. This shift is spurring political pressure, a global regulatory push on public companies, and ever-increasing interest around ESG issues and sustainable investment information from investors of all types worldwide. These developments are setting in motion significant capital reallocation across the board and this apparent transition toward the practice of sustainable investing is likely to drive investment decisions for generations to come.

With increasing emphasis on how ESG factors can potentially impact investment returns, having timely and comprehensive news and ESG ratings on global public companies from a trustworthy source like Sustainalytics is essential in today’s portfolio construction. As a leading voice in global business and financial information, MT Newswires is committed to providing the investment community with this critically important corporate ESG information.

“We are excited to provide the financial services community with industry-leading ESG news on global public companies,” said Brooks McFeely, MT Newswires’ Founder and CEO. “Investors and company management are both becoming increasingly aware of the risks from ESG issues that can have a significant impact on reputation and performance. Our Global Corporate ESG News & Risk Signals service, which leverages Sustainalytics’ award-winning ESG research and ratings, will help give our diverse readership the information they need to build and manage sustainable portfolios.”

Sustainalytics’ industry-leading ESG Risk Ratings are designed to help investors identify and understand financially material ESG risks in their portfolio companies and how that risk might affect performance. The ESG Risk Ratings measure a company’s exposure to industry-specific material ESG risks and how well a company is managing those risks. This multi-dimensional way of measuring ESG risk combines the concepts of management and exposure to arrive at an assessment of ESG risk, i.e. a total unmanaged ESG risk score or the ESG Risk Rating, that is comparable across all industries. Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings provide a quantitative measure of unmanaged ESG risk and distinguish between five levels of risk: negligible, low, medium, high and severe.

To meet industry demand and make the data as accessible as possible, MT Newswires is proud to offer Global Corporate ESG News & Risk Signals as an add-on to any licenses of the Company’s flagship premium business and financial news services.

About MT Newswires

Founded in 1999, MT Newswires is a recognized leader in original and unbiased business and financial news. The Company’s expanding global network of financial journalists and economists produces real-time, multi-asset class news in over 160 distinct categories to cater to the diverse and evolving needs of the global investment community. Now serving most of the largest banks, brokerage firms, and professional market data, trading, and research applications in the world, MT Newswires has proven to be disruptive in an industry with few competitors. For more information, visit

Private Company News, Social Buzz and More

The year is off to a busy start and MT Newswires is excited to announce a collection of industry-leading new services, coverage, and partnerships here in this first 2021 installment of The MT Quarterly. Read below to learn more and please contact us for additional information on any of our premium business & financial news offerings.

Pre-IPO Private Company News

With IPO activity having taken off globally, the need for unbiased news and analysis on upcoming IPOs has never been greater. MT Newswires has answered the industry’s call with Pre-IPO Private Company News, providing comprehensive, daily coverage of breaking news and time-sensitive insights on pre-IPO private companies in the US. Read more >>>

Social Buzz & Category Codes

Our newsroom is now covering over 160 unique and proprietary categories of real-time news on global markets and economies, including our most recent addition: Social Buzz (meta-code: TWET.MN ). While our reporters have always followed social media platforms closely, recent events and increasing investor activity on social platforms like Reddit and Twitter have inspired us to take it one step further. We now have a dedicated team of reporters providing up-to-the-minute, objective coverage of the most talked about companies and related sentiment indications.

The recently redesigned and fully-updated list of category codes associated with our news services is available online here. Please contact us if you do not have the password.

Worldwide Distribution Growth & Coverage Updates

In addition to recently closed new deals and partnerships with diverse global firms across Asia and Europe, we’ve expanded our relationship with Bloomberg and all Terminal clients are now receiving Live Briefs PRO Global Markets. View Announcement >>

With reporters around the globe, MT Newswires provides complete coverage of capital markets and economies throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Check out our new brochure for the details.

international image

MT Newswires Eyes International Expansion for Pre-IPO & Small-Cap News

The newswire’s latest service will focus on providing coverage of pre-IPO and small-cap listed stocks to increase their exposure to investors hungry for greater transparency into these market segments.

Financial news provider MT Newswires is in talks with international exchanges about expanding its new “Highlight” news service—which specifically covers pre-IPO stage companies and listed but underexposed companies—to cover listed companies and others thinking of listing on their markets, in response to demand from investors to gain earlier access to liquidity in new-to-market companies.

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APAC Expansion Map

MT Newswires Expands Global Markets Coverage with Addition of APAC

Foreign capital is piling into Asian markets, and much more is coming. In response to these changing dynamics and continuing global expansion driven by client demand, MT Newswires is pleased to announce our country-by-country expansion into the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. With this expansion, the Live Briefs PRO Global Markets news service now delivers around the clock coverage of leading capital markets, economies and geopolitical events in North America, Europe and Asia.

To support the increasing demand for premium global market news, MT Newswires’ veteran reporters in the region are now providing breaking, multi-asset class coverage of the following countries (with more to follow this year):

  • China (Shanghai and Shenzhen) – MSCI, the leading global index compiler, just quadrupled the representation of Chinese stocks in its global gauges.
  • India (Bombay and Mumbai) – Over the next few years, India is expected to grow at well over seven percent per year, with progress being buttressed by dynamic reforms in the macroeconomics, fiscal, tax and business environments.
  • Singapore (SGX) – One of the world’s most business-friendly regulatory environments for local entrepreneurs and is ranked among the world’s most competitive economies.
  • Hong Kong (HKEX) – Asia’s third-largest stock market in terms of market capitalization, this market offers foreign investors unique access to Mainland Chinese companies.

MT Newswires has disrupted the financial information market by providing a more comprehensive, actionable and cost-effective choice in premium global financial news. With a history of serving the largest and most recognized market data, research and trading applications globally, MT Newswires is a recognized leader in original and unbiased business and financial news.

Contact us to find out how Live Briefs PRO Global Markets can enhance your platform (view brochure).


Live Briefs Pro Global Markets

CFRA logo

CFRA and MT Newswires Announce New Partnership to Provide CFRA’S Industry-Leading Research and Insights on Stocks, Funds, Sectors and Trends

Flash alerts via CFRA CONNECT will provide real-time updates on CFRA research

NEW YORK, (November 12, 2018) – CFRA, one of the world’s largest providers of independent research, today announced that it is partnering with MT Newswires, a recognized global leader in the creation and dissemination of original and unbiased financial news, to launch “CFRA CONNECT.”

This new service will utilize MT Newswires’ premium, real-time news service as an alert mechanism whenever new research from the CFRA team is made available.

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MT Newswires Launches Top News with Images Feed

Enhance the client news experience on any platform (desktop or mobile) with eye-catching imagery coupled with the most significant news driving financial markets, business and economies globally.

Top News with Images is produced around the clock by MT Newswires’ own global network of reporters, covering the most significant news and events every investor must know.

This innovative news feed is now available from MT Newswires directly and through our distribution partner, Markit Digital.

Learn more about how Top News with Images can enhance your client’s news experience >>

Global Expansion

MT Newswires Preps Asia Equities News Ramp-Up, Expands IM Commentary Access

The vendor is expanding the breadth and depth of its international coverage, as well as the distribution channels for existing content.

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MT Newswires logo

MT Newswires Expands Canadian News Services

The news agency is expanding its coverage of Canadian venture stocks, listed cannabis companies, and Canadian exchange-traded funds.

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Learn more about our Venture 50 Wire >>

Alexandria logo

Alexandria Tech, MT Newswires Ally on News Analytics for Quants

Alexandria Technology, a Los Angeles-based provider of news analytics, has begun incorporating news from Bethesda, MD-based news vendor MT Newswires into the sentiment analysis it distributes to traders and investors, under a partnership between the two companies.

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Money.Net logo

Money.Net Bolsters News Content with Dataminr, MT Newswires Upgrade

Money.Net has upgraded the existing service it offers clients from Bethesda, MD-based financial newswire, MT Newswires.

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