Founded in 1999, MT Newswires is a premier publisher of global, real-time, multi-asset class news feeds, covering over 180 topics and reaching an audience of over 1 billion readers.

The company's news feeds address the diverse and evolving needs of the global investment and business information communities. MT Newswires' flagship Live Briefs news services provide extensive coverage of capital markets and economies in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, offering clients the most comprehensive and cost-effective global market news coverage available.

MT Newswires powers most of the largest banks, brokerage, professional market data, trading, wealth management and research applications globally.

The Company’s unrivaled commitment to service and the very best real time market knowledge explains the long and growing list of Tier One enterprise clients and its history of near-perfect retention.

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Digital News Feed Delivery

MT Newswires offers reliable and customizable FTP news delivery in XML format directly or through any of its third-party distribution partners (including major news aggregators, managed solution providers, and other market data platforms). You can view our complete list of news feed distribution partners online here.

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