Live Briefs PRO Global Markets is our most comprehensive premium news service providing complete, up-to-the-minute coverage of North American, European and APAC financial markets and economies– so you can deliver what matters most to your audience on every platform.

MT Newswires offers premium intra-day global markets commentary and analysis on a wide range of economic, bond, equity and FX markets, covering developed markets in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East (with a focus on market activity in the G7 countries). Reports are designed to give the reader a quick and precise picture of the data, while analysts highlight both the immediate impact on the markets as well as the longer run implications for the economy and central bank policy.

The Live Briefs PRO Global Markets service is designed to keep a broad range of market participants and wealth managers alerted to market moving events around the globe.

The Markets

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Industry leading real time coverage of North America, European and APAC equities around the clock. Our global network of financial journalists and economists provide a complete picture of broad market and sector specific activity throughout the day combined with breaking public company specific news.

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Fixed income and foreign exchange coverage provides up to the minute insight into forces impacting these markets. Using an extensive list of market contacts, flow information is reported rapidly to keep traders one step ahead of the herd. Market analysts also tap into the cross-market relationships between bonds, currencies, equities, and commodities, providing our readers with a complete trading picture. In addition to reporting current conditions, we provide comprehensive forward-looking insight, allowing our customers to identify fresh trading strategies.

The Economy

  • MT Newswires’ team of experienced economists deliver in-depth analysis of all relevant global economic news and events each and every business day.  Along with forecasts, we offer incisive previews of upcoming releases, followed by timely reviews of the numbers to give the reader a quick and precise picture of the data, which highlights the implications for the economy, the Fed, and interest rates.

  • With a combined 80 years covering the US economy, our economics team consists of trained economists with significant market experience, including former members of the IMF, Federal Reserve and Department of Commerce.

The Information Advantage

  • MT Newswires has a global network of the most experienced and respected financial journalists, editors and economists producing unique and proprietary news and insights not available anywhere else. Because of the breadth, scale and timeliness of coverage, our news service powers many of the largest financial applications. Each story is ticker tagged and category coded to allow our clients to database and display on their applications as they see fit.

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