Live Briefs PRO Global FX + Crypto, optionally paired with eye-catching, high-resolution images, provides timely and actionable commentary throughout the day to keep market participants apprised of daily global money flows and the trends and policies that are likely to affect major currency markets and foreign exchange.

In a feed specifically curated for the forex community, MT Newswires’ team of highly experienced financial reporters and economists goes beyond the core currency pairs to offer specialist color around global economics, geopolitical events, digital currencies and more to give a comprehensive and robust picture of the FX landscape and its relation to the broader markets at any given time.  View product sheet.

Coverage Includes:

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  • Regular, detailed summaries from the major trading centers across North America, Europe, and Asia;
  • Street Color commentary from experts with a deep understanding of the markets, global currency pairs, and relevant events;
  • Coverage of all G10, G20, and Nordic currencies, as well the top emerging market pairs;
  • Day-ahead previews to alert the industry to anticipated currency movements;
  • Timely, in-depth coverage of Central Bank and Fed announcements, activities, and data;
  • Unbiased presentation of FX analyst reports and trading recommendations to help readers make more profitable trading decisions;
  • Crypto News & Insights – real-time coverage of deals, investments, trends, and regulatory updates in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and tokenization;
      • Weekly Crypto Report - published on Mondays, wrapping up the biggest digital currency news from the prior week and looking ahead to what may drive pricing in the week to come.

Timely and actionable commentary throughout the day
to keep readers abreast of all the latest happenings
in the FX landscape.

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