MT Newswires‘ Live Briefs Crypto News & Insights Now Available on the Bloomberg Terminal

MT Newswires‘ Live Briefs Crypto News & Insights Now Available on the Bloomberg Terminal

BETHESDA, Md., September 15, 2022. MT Newswires is pleased to announce that its newest offering, Live Briefs Crypto News & Insights, is now available on the Bloomberg Terminal to keep subscribers apprised of the all the latest news in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

With regional market coverage including North America, Europe, and Asia, MT Newswires has long made its flagship global financial news services available to Bloomberg Terminal Subscribers. The addition of Live Briefs Crypto News & Insights promises the complementary addition of actionable commentary around price spikes and price plunges in popular virtual coins, NFT price action, regulatory updates, corporate adoption announcements, DeFi industry trends, and more.

“MT Newswires is proud to play a role in enhancing the crypto news experience for Bloomberg Terminal subscribers globally,” said Brooks McFeely, MT Newswires’ Founder and CEO. “The dynamic combination of our leading global markets commentary paired with breaking crypto news and insights offers unrivaled transparency into global financial markets. Our unique and proprietary coverage helps to ensure that crypto content and discovery is available to all Bloomberg Terminal subscribers.”

MT Newswires is integrated into the Bloomberg Terminal’s native news search and alerting capabilities. Subscribers can filter for MT Newswires‘ stories on the Bloomberg Terminal with the following command: {NH MTN <GO>}.

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