MT Newswires‘ Native Japanese Language Coverage of Asian Markets Now Available on the Bloomberg Terminal

MT Newswires‘ Native Japanese Language Coverage of Asian Markets Now Available on the Bloomberg Terminal

BETHESDA, Md., March 28, 2023 -- MT Newswires today announced its native Japanese language coverage of Asian markets is now available on the Bloomberg Terminal to better serve subscribers globally.

With regional market coverage including North America, Europe, and Asia, MT Newswires has long made its flagship global financial news services available to Bloomberg Terminal customers. The addition of native Japanese news stories includes the most significant developments in the leading Asian capital markets and economies, with a focus on China, Japan and Hong Kong. Daily coverage is produced in native Japanese and includes a combination of broad market, economic, top news and blue-chip company updates throughout the business day in Asia.

“MT Newswires has been providing global news to the Bloomberg Terminal for some time now, but it‘s exciting to help meet their subscibers‘ needs for other languages, specifically native Japanese,” said Brooks McFeely, MT Newswires’ Founder and CEO. “With our expanding footprint throughout Asia, it  made sense for us to produce a subset of our news in native Japanese to support our growth in the region, while also helping to enhance language options on the Bloomberg Terminal.”

“Covering global financial markets demands an understanding of the needs of investors, and we believe information in one’s native language will only serve to broaden investor engagement in key regional markets,” McFeely added. “Our Japanese language service highlights what we see as an unmet need across the globe, and we intend to be at the forefront of developing this kind of service throughout our regional bureaus.”

MT Newswires is available via the Bloomberg Terminal’s native news search and alerting capabilities. Subscribers can filter for MT Newswires‘ stories with the following command: {NH MTN <GO>}. 

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